Show Terms

Terms and Conditions


  • This application (if accepted) constitutes a contract, however returning it does not guarantee your application will be accepted.
  • Deposits should be made at time of acceptance of booking and are charged on a sliding scale relative to the full value of the stand you have booked.
    Stands up to £330, a deposit of £150 is due
    Stands of £331 up to £700, a deposit of £220 is due
    Stands of £701 and above, a deposit of £350
  • Final balance payments are due Friday January 31, 2020 for the March event and August 28, 2020 for the October event.
  • Cancellations are subject to an additional £110 administration fee as well as the loss of deposit.
    Cancellation after 31st January 2020 (March show) and 28th August 2020 (October show) will be subject to full payment of the stand value.
  • It is a condition of your booking that you hold valid Public Liability Insurance, specifically covering your business while trading at premises other than your own. A copy of the insurance document must be forwarded by email to
  • Ltd takes no responsibility for vendors who rent space for the display and the sale of goods at their events.
    Any purchases, enquiries, transactions (pending or completed)  made from vendors is a direct transaction between the buyer and the seller and subject to the UK Sale of Goods Act and all other relevant legislation.
    Any complaints, refunds or customer queries regarding purchases or transactions from these vendors will be referred directly to the vendor(s) themselves who are wholly responsible.
  • We aim for a particular look and feel at the event. Exhibitors are required to have attractive stands that don’t take on the look of a car boot sale. We do not allow intrusive signage displaying discounts, and coverall signage such as "20% off all stock” or large (for example) £1 signs.
  • Due to contract restraints with the venue, and in fairness to exhibitors abiding by this rule, we must insist your stand only operates within the space you have booked. Anyone seen to be abusing this regulation will be charged extra accordingly.

  • We do offer early set up on the Friday prior to the show from 2.30pm. There is a small charge when choosing this option. Please note that a check is made through the hall on Saturday morning and any exhibitor found to have set up without paying the Friday Early set up charge will be invoiced retrospectively.
    Any exhibitor choosing the Friday set up option should be aware that whilst Ashdown and Sandown Park take every care with security measures, including overnight exclusive security within the hall and outside, your goods are left on the premises at your own risk.
  • In the unlikely event that a show has to be cancelled, payments for your stand will not be refunded but carried over as a credit for a future event of your choice.