Carrier Bead Bracelet

10.30 am - 12.30 pm Sports Bar

Modern Carrier Beads are light acrylic beads shaped like little pillows, slightly domed in the centre, with a hole at each of the thinner ends. In this two hour class you will learn how to cover them in beadwork (Peyote stitch), with several patterns to choose from, and then string them together to make a beautiful bracelet.  

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Liz Thornton

Liz Thornton is an experienced beadworker with a passion for sharing her knowledge and love of the craft with others through her teaching and writing. She has been teaching beadwork since 1995 for adult education authorities, residential colleges across the country and for private groups. In her own work, Liz specialises in intricate, often 3-dimensional, beadwork shapes using the smallest of beads. Liz is a frequent contributor to The Beadworkers’ Guild’s Journal and was co-editor of the Guild’s ‘Introduction to Beadwork’ series of books and is co-author of The Beader’s Floral (all jointly with Jill Devon). he is here representing The Beadworkers Guild, of which she is the current Chair Woman.