Crystal Embellished Flower Workshop

1 pm - 2 pm Sports Bar

In this workshop you'll learn how to make a beautiful crystal and pearl embellished flower. You'll learn how to make the flower base and how to work with pearls and sew on crystals. This beautiful flower can be used as a brooch or accessory and will add an elegant look & feel where ever you use it. This is a taster class suitable for all levels. Regrettably the location of this class is not suitable for wheelchair access.  

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    Embellished London

Payal Savani

Payal Savani has over 15 years’ experience in hand embroidery ranging from silk shading, Stumpwork and specialises in crystal embellishment design, Pearlwork, Antique Goldwork, and Soutche embellishments. Payal has designed many intricate embellished bridal dresses and teaches embellishment workshops at Embellished London where you can learn the techniques of intricate bridal and fashion embellishment design, perfect for wedding dresses, occasion wear and costume design. Instagram: @embellishedlondon?Facebook: